The world is increasingly influenced by our digital environment and information. Polluters and their enablers are spending billions in digital campaigns to distract and disinform so that can keep poisoning the planet for profit. Momentum, markets and movements are on our side. Our coalition brings the full force of digital talent and innovation to push back and win more campaigns to stop climate change. Join us.


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Act on Climate Digital Climate Coalition
Climate Advocacy Lab Digital Climate Coalition
Climate Nexus Transparent Digital Climate Coalition
EnergyMedia Digital Climate Coalition
GSCC Digital Climate Coalition
Resource Media Digital Climate Coalition
The Years Project Digital Climate Coalition
Yale Program on Climate Communication Digital Climate Coalition

What is the Digital Climate Coalition?

The Digital Climate Coalition (DCC) is a network of communications organizations committed to winning the climate crisis, through more impactful digital campaigns, testing, information sharing, and most importantly, collaboration. The DCC will work closely with a separate coalition supporting narrative building and digital/communications capacity to frontline organizations that work on community-led solutions for climate change.

Our mission is to take on the climate crisis more effectively via a new, highly-coordinated and innovative digital communications network. This network will empower the field with data-driven tactics and catalyze the digital work of its field-supporting members, creating connections between groups on-the-ground, and strengthening a constantly evolving digital infrastructure that competes with well-funded climate opponents. The coalition combines narrative development with digital deployment: winning digital persuasion/communications campaigns to stop the climate crisis.

Hub & Spoke Digital Climate Coalition

Why Does It Exist?

Digital and social conversations are increasingly where our nation tries to make sense of our time and our world, and where we are also prey to active efforts to confuse and divide. In the climate fight, our investments so far in digital tactics and strategy are vastly outmatched by opponents who delay, distract, and diminish the necessary will to act. The forces of the status quo spend billions where we spend millions. Meanwhile, those on the front lines of climate change impacts are vastly under-resourced and too often siloed from broader organizations and digital campaigns. We can fix this. Together, but we can supercharge and grow our networks with smarter coordination, listening and learning, and authentic partnerships.


The Digital Climate Coalitions consists of climate movement supporting organizations. It is a collaborative network -- modeled after a wheel, with hub-and-spokes that will knit together existing digitally-focused groups into a coordinated network, with a neutral staffed hub at its center committed to gathering data, learning lessons from successes AND failures, and synthesizing tried and true insights for widespread use.

Its members include:

Our coalition is designed to work in tandem with Communicating Our Power, an effort put forth by a coalition of frontline coordinating organizations including CLIMATE JUSTICE ALLIANCE, CENTER FOR STORY-BASED STRATEGY, and THE SOLUTIONS PROJECT